Landmark Financial Asset Search

How do financial assets become lost or forgotten? ƒ ƒ People can mislay paperwork or forget to advise an institution when they move house. ƒ ƒ The complexity of estates can in itself result in assets such as dormant accounts becoming forgotten over time. ƒ ƒ Divorce is commonplace and a new spouse may not understand their partner’s previous financial history and entitlements. ƒ ƒ Self-employment can frequently involve the deceased investing in pensions or life policies which may easily become forgotten over time (particularly when policies are ‘paid up’ and there are no bank transactions to identify the existence of the policy) and in some cases may even have a value which was not known or understood by the deceased. ƒ ƒ The deceased may have been unaware of their entitlements relating to pensions from employment many years ago or single premium life policies. FREE Registration Register for free and order your Financial Asset Search today; pay on a case by case basis. Price £135+VAT Further information and registration Call Customer services: 0844 844 9967 or email Advice about lost or forgotten financial assets in client care letters We recommend using the below paragraph in client care letters to promote the benefits of the Landmark Financial Asset Search: To avoid potential penalties being imposed by HM Customs & Revenue it is important that all assets that comprise the estate are identified. To assist you in this process, we will undertake a Landmark Financial Asset Search (FAS). This search will identify whether there are lost or forgotten financial assets which could increase the value of the estate by contacting a wide range of financial institutions. Financial assets can become lost for a number of reasons such as someone moving home and forgetting to provide an institution with their new address or moving jobs on a regular basis and contributing to different occupational pension schemes. We will undertake this search as a matter of course, unless you do not require us to do so and specifically instruct us to the contrary. Should you require us not to undertake this search, please confirm in writing by return and bear in mind that some assets may not be identified. * YouGov survey questioned 2384 people across the UK. Survey commissioned by Certainty questioned 200 Solicitors **This share search is conducted via Asset Checker FinancialAssets Found