On The Record 18

Emma and Jonathan Paint And Glaze Art Therapy 360 Miles In 48 Hours Above: Craig at the Tower of London and Arc de Triumphe • Craig Pattison cycled from the Tower of London to the Eiffel Tower and back covering 360 miles in just 48 hours raising £1000 for New Directions. • The money will be used to enable people to access the internet safely for everyday tasks, use online services and socialise with family and friends. Craig said, “New Directions is a charity that is close to my in-laws. I wanted to give something to this charity in my own way.” • Emma from Paint and Glaze showed people who use our residential services how to decorate mugs with their own designs and then have themfired so that they could keep them forever • The session was funded by money raised for art therapy through a New Directions’ charity quiz. Pauline who took part said, “I really liked it. I have a mug of my own that I have made myself.”